The Anak Atelier would like to share the preservation and education of Indonesian heritage through the local architecture. Our old heritage Indonesian buildings from Java, Pekuklulang and Joglo houses, were selected from different traditional villages in Java, and transported to Bali, to be recycled and refurbished as the school buildings. Many Javanese families in the villages are now choosing to build modern homes, and these antique houses that have stood over a hundred years, are being put up for sale or their old, strong and beautiful wood sold to furniture makers.



Reception (Pekuklulang house)
  • A main reception and family welcome area



Classrooms – Preschool and Kindergarten (Joglo houses)
  • Classrooms are aesthetically pleasing, filled with natural light, and have an adjacent toilet that is visible from within the classroom for safety precautions.
  • Open verandah surrounding the classrooms, for children and families to ‘meet and share’.
  • Adjoining exploration studios.
  • An airy ‘al-fresco’ dining space under the shaded verandah of each classroom.



Garden and Playground
  • Our natural playground includes a sandpit, stream, natural wood climbing and balancing structures, a hill slide, tunnels, a tricycle & scooter track, a bridge connecting the play areas, and common spaces (nooks and rest areas) that invite opportunities for children to “meet” and exchange conversations.
  • An open oval reflective of the terraced rice paddies in Indonesia. This grassy oval is for lawn activities, an amphitheatre for family events, or simply for children to run around.
  • A garden between the classrooms that supports group projects between the preschool and kindergarten classes, and also provides an area to work with messy play materials such as clay, paints and mud.
  • An organic garden created in partnership with The Role Foundation which includes a tool wall, seed table, seedling area, planting garden beds and a compost area which shows samples of compost and mulch.  The perfect place for budding gardeners to explore and experiment.