The Anak Atelier stands for ‘The Child’s Studio’.

Anak in Bahasa Indonesian translates to ‘The Child’. Atelier is a studio or workshop dedicated to learning in expressive languages. The Anak Atelier has been conceptualised as a school representing an educational community for exemplary early childhood education bringing together children, families, early childhood educators and education professionals from all over the world.

The Anak Atelier aims to provide meaningful early learning experiences for young children. The foundation of our programme is informed by best practice pedagogy* models that stem from international research on early childhood education. Our approach affirms our positive image of a child, based on the principles of respect, the recognition of children’s rights, and the diversity of each learner, through relevant and purposeful exploration and play in a rich learning environment.

Making learning visible is also a focus in our practice. Through close observation, attentive listening and educational reflection, we seek to document and display the processes of children’s learning (the ‘thinking’), which we value as equally as the results. Educational documentation also offers the children and our educators reciprocal learning opportunities to reflect upon and extend on their discoveries. Making learning visible is our way of connecting the children’s learning journey to their families and the community, and also a way to share pedagogical knowledge with our partners in the community of early childhood professionals.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to you and your family to The Anak Atelier, where creativity and supporting a sense of wonder in your child are highly valued in our school.

The Anak Atelier Team